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There is an aspect involving tax in our every day transaction - whether it be a major business transaction or an individual's everyday real estate transaction or estate plan.


Mauck & Baker possesses the requisite knowledge across different tax areas as well as different substantive areas of law, enabling spotting various tax issues. Attorneys at Mauck & Baker regularly counsel on the tax aspect of real estate, tax planning for business transactions, estate and gift tax, non-profit tax counsel (real estate tax and sales tax exemption), private foundation, and charitable giving.


Don't let tax be an overwhelming task or an unknown risk; contact Mauck & Baker for the care and attention you need in this inevitable and very important aspect of our every day lives. 

Areas of Service

Tax Considerations of Business Entities

Tax Aspect of Real Estate 

Tax Aspect of Estate Planning

Tax Aspect of Not-For-Profit Organizations 

Tax Aspect of U.S Families with Foreign Connections and Assets

Tax Aspect of Non-U.S. Families with U.S. Connections

Tax Planning for Mobile & Global Families

Tax Controversy/Tax Audit

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Tax Aspect of

Business Transactions


Good counsel will identify any known and hidden tax issues involving the most common business transaction. 

Sale or Purchase of Business Assets

Sale or Purchase of Stocks of Business

Acquiring Corporate Real Estate 

Disposition of Investment Real Estate 

Settlement Negotiation 


Tax Aspect of

Real Estate

Real Estate presents a unique set of tax issues. 

Selling Corporation Holding Real Estate

Donating Real Estate 

Tax Planning for Acquiring Real Estate

Tax Planning for Disposition of Real Estate 

1031 Exchange 


Tax Aspect of


Not-for-Profits enjoy the privilege of being income tax exempt. We assist various tax aspects from getting 501(c) recognition from the IRS to obtaining local and state tax exemption.

501(c) Recognition Application 

Real Property Tax Exemption 

Sales Tax Exemption 

Tax Compliance for Not-For-Profits

Private Foundations

Tax Issues involving Donations 

Donation Agreement 


Tax Aspect of

Estate Planning

Many individuals and families have questions regarding tax aspect of their estate planning and gifts to their families and charities. 

Gift Tax Questions 

Estate Tax Questions

Tax Aspect of Estate Planning

Tax Issues involving Donations

Estate Tax Planning

Family Gift

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