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Advanced Search Tips This section contains links for advanced search tips.

Area Demographics This section contains links which provide area demographics.

Business Searches The section contains links to various searches to verify businesses & business information.

Computers and Technology This section contains links to a website checker, review website archive pages, and review website traffic and statistics.

Crimes & Illegal Activities This section contains links for red flags, language used by criminals, information for trade based money laundering (TBML), elderly abuse, human trafficking, forgery, fraud, fugitives list, spotting fake identification, & etc. *Many links in this section are informative in nature.

Cryptocurrency                                                                                                                                This section contains links for Blockchain, Wallet Explorer, Bitcoin owner & Price Tracker

Currency, Finances, and Salary                                                                                                  This section contains links for currency checks, converter, industry payscale and labor statistics.

Financial Institutions, Banking, Regulatory Compliance & Federal This section contains links to various federal agency documents, regulatory guidance, rules, bank info find, bank mergers and acquisitions, RSSD Look Up, BIN Lookup, ABA Routing number look up, FINCEN information, OFAC Sanctions list, SWIFT Code finder, & etc.

Google & Beyond This section contains links to various search engines.

Individuals/Person This section contains links for finding various information on an individual.

International, Languages, & Country Searches This section contains links for international security, world facts, Know Your Country, country risk rating, customs & import restrictions, Google Translate, Google Domains for various countries, country currency list, and basic country guides (covering language society culture, custom, and etiquette (including facts and statistics)).

Maps and Graphs This section contains links for various maps- Google Earth, Natural Disaster Tracker, Crime Maps, and Street Maps, etc.

Negative News This section contains links for various ways to search negative news for individuals, business, website, including the Offshore Leaks Database.

Other/Miscellaneous Other/Miscellaneous- etc.

Phones This section contains links to conduct searches for phone numbers, an international phone directory, area code lookup and phone fraud information.

Time, Date, Calendar, & Calculator The section contains search links to a time and date calculator and time zone converter.

Trade, Travel, and Transportation This section contains links to verify information on vehicles, air travel, boats, container tracking, US import and export data, etc.

States This section contains links to complete various state searches such as SOS (Secretary of State), APS (Adult Protect Services), GOV. site, and state statistics.

Charity & Non-Profit Searches The section contains links to various searches to verify and find additonal information on non-profit organizations, foundations, and charities.

Fraud This section contains items relating to fraud (forgery, fake ID, fictious name creater, and fraud scams).

Legal                                                                                                                                              This section contains links for legal information, lawyers and court documents.

Counterparty Research This section contains some suggestions for conducting research on counterparty research.

Sorry, no quick links here. I wish it were that simple. I do, however, have a few suggestions on some ways to conduct searches to find a relationship.

  • Try searching using both names

  • Try narrowing results by removing middle name, initials, etc.

  • Try narrowing results by putting names in "quotation marks"

  • Try narrowing results by including occupation/industry/business name

  • Try narrowing results by including city and/or state

  • If it’s a business, review their website to see if they mention the counterparty as a client (Note: they may use the counterparty’s logo instead of a business name).

  • *Try searching by customer name and last name of the counterparty or vice versa (Note: it is very rare, but I have found some good information this way a few times).

You can also try a combination of the search parameters mentioned above. Just remember too many search variables or restrictions/specifics will limit your results. So start with big searches first and add factors to narrow your results down.

Also, be mindful of individuals who have AKA, DBAs, or multiple last names.

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