Soo Yeon Lee, Partner

Soo Yeon Lee focuses her practice at Mauck & Baker in the areas of litigation, business, real estate, trust and estate law. A better way to describe her practice is that Soo Yeon Lee focuses on the areas of law that are of recurring importance to business owners and modern global families. She strives to be a trusted advisor and a zealous advocate for her clients, with integrity and skill.



Soo Yeon Lee began her legal career as a litigator. She has always believed that a strong skill set of advocacy is necessary to protect her clients in a court of law. She analyzes disputes accurately and assesses the risks involved, which is so critical in the early stages of any dispute. Given that she has handled hundreds of cases encompassing a wide range of issues and facts, she thoroughly understands the complex anatomy of a case in dispute. She plays to win, and she is always several steps ahead of her opponent. She draws on a wide range of legal and business experience, which makes her a well-informed and thoughtful litigator, finding the unexpected support necessary to craft a strong legal position.


Real Estate

In any business, real estate--whether owned or leased--is one of the most important and most valuable assets. Thus, real estate is critical to the success of a business and the ability to deliver on its mission. Also, home is the largest asset to many families. From choosing the right ownership and title vesting, to various management issues, tax strategies, and ultimate disposition (whether it is a sale or transfer), she provides comprehensive representation for the interests of her clients and skilled counsel in negotiating and conducting transactions in regard to many matters involving real estate.


Outside General Counsel

The more Soo Yeon worked with business owners, the broader range of business and legal issues she resolved. The issues include selecting the right type of entity, buying a business, various operations, employment practice, intellectual property rights, and ultimate sale or disposition of the business. As a result, she began acting as outside general counsel for many businesses. Clients stay with Soo Yeon for years because they value the dependable, consistent, and solid business counsel through business ups and downs, recessions, and various crises. She gets to know her clients and thinks proactively for them.​


Family Office

All of Soo Yeon's clients have one thing in common: the non-negotiable need to provide for their families and preserve their legacy of hard work. Thus, what started as the real estate component of estate planning for her clients became a fully integrated trust and estate practice. Soo Yeon Lee has a specialized knowledge in tax law that is relevant to her clientele, many of whom have global interests. In this manner, she serves as the "family office" for many of her clients with significant assets in the U.S. and other parts of the world. Furthermore, her ability to seamlessly communicate in both English and Korean makes her a top choice for multi-generational and multi-cultural families with ties to Korea.


​Korean-American Business

With her skills as a native speaker and first-hand experience of the Korean culture, Soo Yeon Lee is highly sought after as an advisor and advocate in the Chicago Korean business community. She provides legal services to many Korean businesses concerning everything from their day-to-day operation to litigation. She also bridges the US-Korean gap for her multi-cultural clients. The countries have very different legal systems which require seamless calibrations to simultaneously navigate. She wants to serve people like her; people with family in South Korea and the U.S. who encounter the same complexities that she has. Given her background and experiences in both countries, she can easily see the challenges and opportunities that others may not.​


Volunteer Work

Soo Yeon Lee is a very active member of Section of Real Property, Trust and Estate Law (RPTE) of American Bar Association (ABA). This ABA Section is one of the largest professional real estate, and trust and estate lawyers' organizations. She is a Section Council Member (2019-2022) and Associate Departmental Editor of the Probate and Property Magazine, after wearing a variety of leadership hats since 2012.


Beyond her usual areas of practice, Soo Yeon Lee is committed to public service through extensive community involvement. She is currently serving on the Board of Directors for Age Options, a not-for-profit organization that advocates, plans, coordinates, and funds services in all suburban Cook County, Illinois. She is also committed to pro bono work in, among others, the areas of consumer credit and insolvency issues, foreclosure, landlord/tenant law, guardianship and small claims. From 2009-2015, she served as a member of the Board of Directors for Korean American Community Services (now Hana Center), a not-for-profit organization dedicated to offering educational, legal, health and social services for the local community in Chicago. She also served as the Director of Pro Bono Legal Clinic of the Korean American Bar Association of Chicago (KABA) from 2008 to 2012 and was an arbitration panelist in the Circuit Court of Cook County for several years.


Currently she is a legal advisor to the Consulate General of South Korea in Chicago.

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What training and qualifications does an ND hold?

Naturopathic Doctors (NDs) have completed 4 years of full-time medical school and are trained as general practitioners. Further to this NDs are educated extensively in each of the following modalities: herbalism, Chinese medicine, homeopathy, nutrition and physical medicine, including chiropractics and massage therapy. Although trained in many of these tools, NDs in Ohio are currently restricted in their practice and cannot diagnose or utilize treatment methods such as acupuncture, massage, and chiropractics. Dr. Samuelson refers to many local qualified practitioners in circumstances where these modalities are indicated.​ Click here for more detailed information on licensing and qualifications.​

Are you licensed to practice medicine in Ohio?

In America, there are currently 20 states that recognize ND's as primary care physicians. The American Association of Naturopathic Physicians (AANP) is determined to make all 50 states licensed by 2025. Click here for more information. Currently, Ohio is not licensed but we are a growing number of doctors working to get licensed in the near future. Like us on Facebook to keep up to date on our progress!

What are the Principles of Naturopathic Medicine?

Naturopathic medicine is firmly grounded in 5 principles: 1. First do no harm 2. Co-operate with the healing power of nature 3. Treat the root cause of disease 4. Heal the whole person through individualized treatment 5. Teach the principles of healthy living and preventative medicine.

Can Naturopathic Medicine help me?

If you are an individual looking to improve your mental, emotional or physical health then Naturopathic medicine can help you. Through the healing power of nature, Naturopathic Doctors utilize both western and eastern medicine to assist the body and mind in healing itself holistically. Whatever diagnosis you may have received, a Naturopathic Doctor will empower you with tools and techniques to help regain peace of mind (and body) on your journey. For more information on Naturopathic Medicine, please click here.

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