Real Estate & Construction

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Mauck & Baker provides comprehensive legal representation for the interests of our clients when it comes to real estate and construction matters. This includes, but is not limited to, helping review a property's transaction history, advising on mortgaging options, negotiating and conducting real estate transactions, and more. State and local governments have specific rules concerning the purposes for which land may be used that our attorneys are well-versed in.

General Areas of Service

Commercial & Residential

Purchase & Sale


Real Estate Litigation


Commercial Landlord/Tenant

1031 Exchange

Construction & Development


If you are buying real estate...

Buying real estate can be life-changing. Understand what the benefits are and get the right help, advice, and counsel for this important investment in your life.

Right Ownership Vehicle

Title Vesting

Due Diligence

Guidance on Management

Commercial Leasing

Income Tax Strategies

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If you own real estate...

The wealth transfer aspect of real estate can be simple or sophisticated, depending on your goals and circumstances. Learn about the best options for you and your family and implement it carefully and wisely.

Right Disposition Options

1031 Exchange

Family Wealth Transfer

Estate Planning Involving Real Estate

Gift vs. Inheritance

Income Tax Considerations

Transfer Tax Considerations


1031 Exchange

1031 exchange defers taxes in the exchange from one property to another. The benefits, wisely planned, can be quite substantial.

Estate Planning Involving Real Estate

There are many estate planning options involving real estate--whether it be a simple transfer upon death, or a more complex wealth transfer incorporating tax efficient strategies. Learn what they are and choose the option that fits your goals.

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Buyer & Seller

Modern families are becoming more global. Learn the legal ramifications of various ownership and transfer issues when a family member is not a U.S. citizen or does not live in the U.S. We can also discuss the best option for an individual or entity abroad to own real estate in the U.S.


Commercial Leasing

Having lease documents that reflect a well-balanced landlord-tenant relationship will keep property value high.

Corporate Real Estate

The role of real estate in any business is significant as costs relating to occupancy directly impact short-term and long-term business viability. Effectively managing real estate owned or leased by a business is key.

A Primer on Lease Agreements for Small B

This guide is written from a tenant's perspective in the hopes of helping business owners effectively use and manage one of their key assets, their leased real estate, to achieve their business goals and run a successful business.

Buying and selling a house is one of the largest transactions in anyone's life. In most instances, you will work with a real estate agent and an attorney who will guide you through the process. This handbook will help you through the five most important steps in every purchase OR sale of residential real estate.

Buying and Selling Residential Real Esta