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Swart et al v. City of Chicago Media Coverage

Updated: Jan 3, 2020

Wheaton College Students Contend Millennium Park Rules Hurt Speech, Religious Liberty - WGN, 09/18/19

Wheaton College Students Sue City, Say Millennium Park Security Restricted Their Religious Activities - Chicago Sun Times, 09/18/19

Wheaton College Students Sue City, Arguing Millennium Park Rules Violate Free Speech - ABC 7, 09/18/19

Chicago's Millennium Park Restricts Evangelism: Today, Wheaton Students Sue for Access - The Exchange with Ed Stetzer (Christianity Today), 09/18/19

College Students Sue Chicago in Effort to Evangelize at the 'Bean' City Sculpture - The Hill, 09/19/19

Chicago Sued by Students Blocked From Spreading the Gospel at Millennium Park - Fox News, 09/19/19

Wheaton College Students Sue City, Say Rights to Free Speech, Religious Liberty Were Violated by Guards Booting Them From Millennium Park, Restricting Access - Chicago Tribune, 09/19/19

Wheaton College Students Sue Chicago After Being Told They Can't Evangelize in Park - The Christian Post, 09/19/19

Wheaton College Students Sue Chicago for Banning Them From Evangelizing at The Bean - Daily Beast, 09/19/19

Chicago Bars Student Group From Evangelizing at City's Millennium Park - Faithwire, 09/19/19

Religious Liberty Under Fire: Wheaton College Students Sue Chicago After Evangelism Restricted in Millennium Park - Christian Broadcast News, 09/19/19

Wheaton College Sophomore Gabe Emerson on Discussing Christianity at Millennium Park - WGN Radio 720, 09/20/19

Christian Students Sue Chicago after City Blocked Them From Handing Out Religious Pamphlets - New York Post, 09/20/19

Students File Suit Against City, Citing Freedom of Speech - The Wheaton Record, 09/20/19

Chicago Bans Wheaton College Students From Evangelizing in Park, Students Sue - Christian Headlines, 09/20/19

Editorial: Accommodating Free Speech in Millennium Park - Chicago Tribune, 09/23/19

John Mauck of Mauck & Baker, LLC Gives Dan and Amy Details on Chicago Lawsuit - Chicago's Morning Answer, 09/24/19

Does Evangelism Belong at Chicago's Top Tourist Attraction? - Christianity Today Podcasts, 09/25/19

Christian Student on Why He's Suing Chicago Over Free Speech - The Daily Signal, 09/25/19

Chicago Tells Preachers to Park It - Tony Perkins' Washington Watch, 09/26/19

Wheaton College Student Evangelist and a Radio Host Testify in First Amendment Case, Saying City of Chicago Keeps Them From Spreading their Messages in Millennium Park - Chicago Tribune, 11/07/19

No Fear: Real Stories of a Courageous Generation Standing for Truth - Value Voters Summit featuring Plaintiff Matt Swart


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