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Mauck & Baker Welcomes Intern Joseph Spica

Mauck & Baker is pleased to demonstrate its partnership with Alliance Defending Freedom each year by hosting a summer intern from ADF’s Blackstone Legal Fellowship. This program prepares Christian law students for careers marked by integrity, excellence, and leadership. The Fellowship begins with a summer-long leadership training program, which includes three weeks of seminars on topics including legal philosophy, constitutional law, history, and emerging cultural issues, as well as a summer legal internship.

Joseph was introduced to Mauck & Baker while participating in the Blackstone Legal Fellowship. At Mauck Baker, he has been able to advance the Kingdom by helping our clients secure their right to worship as they see fit. This takes shape in cases where a client’s ability to assemble in a place of their choosing or their ability to spread the good news in public places is hindered by the law or governing authorities. Mauck & Baker, with the help of interns like Joseph, is able to step in and advocate for these clients’ full right to worship.

In the future as a lawyer Joseph hopes to integrate the lessons he has learned in the Blackstone Legal Fellowship and at Mauck & Baker to serve the interests of his own clients while contributing to the formation of a more just and good society.


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