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Fighting the Good Fight

Immanuel Baptist Church, a Mauck & Baker client, is seeing some steps in the right direction after a judge ruled that the City of Chicago must face the church's claim that the City hindered its religious exercise and seriously burdened it financially.

Excerpts taken from a Bloomberg Law article

Under the original deal it had with the property owner, the church intended to purchase two buildings. Because of the city’s determination that the intended property didn’t have enough off-street parking spaces, the deal was delayed while the church made alternate parking arrangements. Ultimately, the church was only able to purchase one building.
During the delay, the church alleged it also spent money paying rent and used significant resources trying to negotiate with the city and identify potential parking solutions, the court said.
It’s plausible to infer from the complaint that the church spent significant time and resources over multiple years trying to comply with the city’s parking requirements when it could have spent that time and those resources on religious and other services it offers to members and the community, the court said.
Although the city finally exempted the church from the parking requirement, that doesn’t change the fact that the church had spent significant time, money, and resources, the court said.

The judge also cited several other Mauck & Baker cases in her opinion--an encouragement to churches across the United States.


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