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Beyond Mauck & Baker: Whit Brisky

Whit Brisky has set himself apart as a lawyer who follows the Lord. This distinction and fear for God translates seamlessly into his life beyond the law. Whit is active in his community and welcomes the opportunity to fellowship with people of all walks. Learn more about Whit Brisky here.

Q: How have you used your role as a lawyer to go beyond your work at Mauck & Baker; specifically in regards to serving your community?

WHB: I have always found that my training and experience as a lawyer has served me well whenever I have engaged in community activities. Whether as part of the School District 34 caucus, informal neighborhood organizations, or numerous church boards and committees, the ability to advocate for a position and the understanding of the legal implications of a proposed action have served me well.

Q: Which organizations and groups have you been involved with outside of work?

WHB: Most of my outside activities are faith related including the Christian Legal Society, and church boards and committees. For example, I served for several years on the Board of CLS supporting its valuable programs. I have gotten involved in efforts to improve the Glenview Public Library and with other neighbors, to oppose a dense residential development bordering on the neighborhood. I also served, for many years, as an AYSO soccer referee working on games from all age groups as my children grew up.

Q: How does your involvement help these organizations better serve their own communities?

WHB: Most of my activities have been in service to my own communities, faith and local. As has been said, if we don’t show up, we can have no impact on the things going on around us. I would hope that my community activities have positively impacted the community for the Kingdom through spreading faith in Messiah and serving those within the community.

Q: Do you see volunteering as a reflection of your faith? How?

WHB: Jesus told us that all the Law can be reduced to two things, loving the Lord with all our heart, soul and mind, and loving our neighbors as ourselves. Serving others and our community is a reflection of that second great commandment, loving our neighbors.

Q: What positive impact have you been able to make by serving within these organizations?

WHB: The positive impact of my outside activities is most easily seen in the activities of my church through such ministries as Breakfast with Babies, a ministry to young, mostly Latino, poor families which has resulted, in addition to many diapers and much food provided, in the beginning of a Spanish language service on Sundays.

Q: How has this involvement enriched your own life?

WHB: While I have been blessed with many clients over the years who are, or who became, my friends, it is great to get to know people other than clients and lawyers, and with different outlooks and opinions. Discussions with people with whom you may disagree are, for me, win-win. If you can convince the person of your position, that is great. If he convinces you, your own error will be corrected. And even if neither is convinced, I have learned more about my own argument, and the arguments on the other side simply by having the discussion.

Q: Beyond being a lawyer, what are your most cherished identities?

WHB: I’m not sure I particularly like the concept of “identity” other than as a human being created in God’s image. Once we start defining ourselves as part of a particular subdivision of humanity, we put up barriers to others. As the Apostle Paul told the Corinthians, we are given a ministry of reconciliation not division. In Messiah there is neither Jew nor Greek, but all are One in Messiah. But I would hope that other people would describe me as a believer in Messiah, an honorable man, a hard worker, a good and loving husband, father and grandfather, and as one willing and able, in and out of season, to correct, rebuke and encourage, with honesty, courage, great patience and careful instruction.


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