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Excellent Work with a Special Mission


At Mauck & Baker, we provide service that gets the job done but also builds meaningful relationship with our clients. If you want an attorney who is competent yet approachable, you've come to the right place. We are confident in our skills, yet humble enough to keep our clients' needs in the forefront of our mission. To do this, we've built a team whose expertise spans the vast menu of legal situations one may face.

Our Story


With years of experience representing churches and religious organizations, John Mauck and Richard Baker began a firm in 2001 to ensure religious freedom for their clients. Since then, Mauck & Baker has expanded with the addition of Whitman Brisky in 2005, adding business and commercial law, and Soo Yeon Lee in 2019, providing a connection to the Korean community.


Mauck & Baker now serves individuals, families, businesses, nonprofits, and religious institutions in a comprehensive range of legal services. Each client is given the personal attention of a partner, along with the assistance of other attorneys and paralegals to provide efficiency and reduction of costs.

Over the years Mauck & Baker has become nationally known for supporting religious liberty and its work in passing the Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act of 2000 (RLUIPA), ensuring protection for churches and religious institutions by banning restrictive zoning laws.

In the past, the attorneys at Mauck & Baker hosted a radio program called Lawyers for Jesus on AM 1160 (WYLL) from 2016-2020, which is still available as a podcast.

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